How to set up a Facebook Group

Getting a group organised on Facebook is easy nowadays. Especially when you can share links, photos and videos for your next houseboat holiday.

If you’ve set up a group before, head over to your Facebook page and get started…if not here’s some instructions on how to set one up and get your houseboat holiday started.

What is a Facebook Group?

Groups are a close circle of people who share and keep connected on Facebook.

People tend to create them for:

  • Topics
  • Clubs
  • Special Interests
  • Support groups
  • Houseboat trips etc

How to Create a Facebook Group

1. Find “Add Group”

From your Facebook “homepage” go to the list on the left at the bottom and see “Groups”.

The number of things you have in your Favorites will determine how far down you have to scroll to see this.

Click “Group”

You’ll see a pop up window that displays the option to create a group.


3. Name Your Group

You will now see this pop up window:

The first thing you need to do is give your group a name such as “Murray River Houseboat Holiday“.

This name can be whatever you want and you can change it later. But try to make the group name memorable and searchable — so people can find it.

Add Members

You’re actually required to add at least 1 friend to the group before you can create it.

So in order to create your group, you’ll need to add at least 1 friend to the group.

Choose Privacy Setting

You’ll now need to decide what privacy setting you want your group to have.

There can be confusion about what privacy setting a group should have — Open, Closed or Secret.

Click Create

After you choose your privacy setting, click the “Create” button as you’ve seen in previous images:


4. Choose an Icon

Facebook will now give you the option to choose from a wide array of creative graphics for your icon/avatar.

This is completely up to you and bears no significance as far as Facebook is concerned.

But if you’ve created many groups or have multiple groups in your favorites, you’ll want to choose an icon you can easily identify.

Your group is now officially created!

There are, however, a few more items you can customize.


5. Complete “About” Section

Your about section is important for 2 reasons:

  • Gives prospective members an idea what your group is about
  • Can display any “information” you may have about the group

So fill it out as you see fit.


6. Choose Group Image Setting

You’re given the 2 options here:

  • use a photo already in the group
  • upload a photo

7. Edit Group Settings

Next you’ll want to edit the group settings.

You do this by clicking on the … icon and then clicking “Edit Group Settings”

Once on the edit page, you’ll have many options to change:

Items you can change:

  • Group Icon
  • Group Name
  • Privacy Settings
  • Membership Approval — Do you want to let anyone add members or should only you be able to?

When you’re done you’ll see this:

  • Change your Description
  • Change Posting Permissions – Here you can decide if only admins can post or if members can as well
  • Post Approval – You can require that all posts be approved by an admin before going live

Once you’re done and happy with the settings, click “Save”.

You’re Group is Ready to Go!

You’ve now successfully created a Facebook Group! Congrats!

Now you can post updates inside the groups — and so can members (if you’ve allowed it).


A Few Group Features to Point Out

  • Notifications – As an admin you should probably turn the notifications on to receive all updates when anyone posts — just in case someone spams the group & you want to respond quickly:
  • Messages/Chat– One of the great things about groups is you can initiate a group chat/message with either all members of a group or select members.
    This is especially useful when you have an announcement to make or need to quickly collaborate on an item/issue:
  • Events – A feature probably not used often enough in Groups is Events. Inside the group you can create events that only members can see & RSVP for.
    Just click on the “Events” tab & then “Create Event” & the lightbox below will load to create your event.
  • Files – Inside groups you can share files of any kind as well as create Documents which group members can add to & collaborate on.
    Think of this as your own little workspace within Facebook — or perhaps a replacement for apps like Google Drive or Dropbox.


Now that you’ve read this page, hopefully you can now successfully create a group on your own for you Murray River Houseboat Holiday.

Create your Facebook Group!

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