General Houseboat Information

Below is some general information that will assist with planning your holiday to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

Accessibility Facilities

A select range of the houseboats have facilities for people requiring specific access. Please check the suitability of these facilities when booking.

Spas / Jacuzzi

Spa pool or jacuzzi contains river water that has been treated whereas untreated river water is used in a spa bath.

Climate & Weather

The Murray region enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and relatively mild winters. However the weather can get very hot at times and storms can develop like any part of the world. In your houseboat you’ll be well protected. Its also important to be mindful of winds especially when mooring and tying up.

Fire Danger

The Murray River region is, and has been susceptible to bush fires. On days of high fire danger you need to think about where you will be for the day and what you would do in the event of a fire. During Fire Danger Season there are strict conditions for lighting a fire, including a campfire. The Fire Danger Season is generally from 1 December to 30 April (however, this period can be adjusted according to seasonal conditions). All fires are prohibited on Total Fire Bay Days.

Total Fire Ban Days

When a Total Fire Ban is declared, all fires are completely banned. Fire ban information is broadcast on radio and television from 4pm the previous day and applies for 24 hours (midnight to midnight).

Further information

South Australia: 1300 362 361 •
Victoria: Vic Emergency: •
New South Wales: •

Severe penalties apply for the lighting or maintaining of fires on Fire Ban Days.

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